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The name  'Chandera Kothi', is an ode to our roots in the village of Chandera and our ancestors, the brave Bundela Rajputs,

who were descendants of the rulers of Orchha.

‘Chandera Kothi’ is poised beautifully on the banks of the river Betwa, surrounded by pristine farmlands with a clear view of the river and the forest beyond.


Here, you wake up to the sound of multitudinous birds including peacocks, hornbills, the Indian roller and get to greet the kingfisher as he takes a break from diving in the river.


At night, chances are you will spot a family of jackals through the picture window of your room when they come for their nightly excursions. 

In building our home stay,  we have taken care to use local  products. Almost everything is from the land around us  including

the bricks, which were reclaimed from old houses in hamlets near by or locally available stone, mud, Vedic paint and plaster also made with organic products, old doors and windows, iron grills and upcycled furniture.


We have consciously invested our time, money and effort to source materials that would avoid any burden on the environment. 

We use age-old family recipes passed down to us over generations. The guests can expect a mix of local Bundelkhandi, Gujarati, Bengali, Bihari & Oriya dishes along with a smattering of other recipes picked up from close extended family that are treats they can have only in our home. 

We offer simple home-cooked food with a lot of our own farm grown organic produce in rare recipes like Moringa flowers cooked in a tangy mustard gravy, pickled wild berries, chicken pickle and flax seed chutney.



'Chandera Kothi’ is an ideal vacation home to come away from the din of city life into the lap of nature where you can choose to meditate, exercise, simply lie back and soak in a slice of village life or explore the rich history, culture and heritage of the erstwhile kingdom of Orchha. 


About the Owners :

Sanghita Singh 

Sanghita Singh is a journalist and writer who has been associated with India’s top media houses in a career spanning over two decades. In her prolific career as a lifestyle journalist, she has covered various aspects of art, culture and spirituality. She recently started The Positivity Project as an initiative to help people discover security and stability in their minds while most experienced severe groundlessness during the raging second wave of the pandemic. Her goal is to see a shift in the consciousness of the world by helping individuals transform deeply at the level of the mind, body and soul. She takes a keen interest in food and has co-authored The Seven Sisters: Kitchen Tales from the North East.

Madhur Singh Bundela

Madhur has worked in the television industry for 20 years. He has worked with leading media giants like Sony, Reliance and Sahara. His ancestors ruled over the kingdom of Orchha and it is therefore a matter of great pride for the family to have returned to settle back here.

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We offer 4 Bedrooms on a single or double occupancy basis

for a maximum capacity of 8 people

If required an additional bed can be made available on request




Breakfast is included with the Room 

Other meals can be provided on request and at an additional cost

Laundry & Housekeeping

Free Wifi


Sit and enjoy an exquisite view of the Betwa river from our property.

All rooms have picture window views 

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“The Hidden Place" as some say the name means, Orchha is indeed a jewel in the tourist map of Madhya Pradesh.  

Dotted with ancient forts, palaces, cenotaphs (Chattris) & temples it reveals its true beauty in the midst of the natural bounty

of the forest and the river ‘Betwa’

on the banks of which it lies idyllic, frozen in time.

Historical & Cultural Sites


The most famous monument in Orchha is the 'Raja Ram Temple'. It is the only temple in the world where Lord Ram is revered

as a King with a uniformed Police Guard presenting Arms and saluting the King during every ‘aarti’.  


The sprawling Jahangir Mahal which was built in honour of Emperor Jahangir who married a princess of Orchha, nestles quietly in the Orchha Fort.


The legend of 'Hardaul' and the Laxmi temple housing unique and extraordinary Bundela paintings are local must visit sites. 


The many fascinating stories, associated with local architectural marvels that make up the folklore of Orchha,  has finally made the town a focus of  international attention and has been  selected under the “Historic Urban Landscape Project” by UNESCO.

Local Excursions  & Day Trips

Orchha has the advantage of being well connected to other places of interest in the vicinity.

Some of these include Jhansi, Tikamgarh, Chanderi & Khajuraho amongst many others


Nature Trail & Jungle Safari

Village Exploration

A nature trail & walk in the Jungle to see a variety of Birds & animals

as well as the historic King's

Hunting lodge

Or a leisurely stroll through the farms and village seeing the locals make handicrafts and object de art.

River Rafting & Kayaking

On the Betwa

There are also adventure activities like river rafting & kayaking on the river Betwa


Guest Testimonials

Welcome Note & Some House Rules


Dear Guests,

Welcome. Some simple House Rules :

We request our guests to Strictly follow COVID protocols including carrying Vaccination Certification and/or RTPCR tests and Facemasks/Sanitiser etc for the duration of travel and stay at Chandera Kothi. 

Presently, due to Covid restrictions, only 04 rooms are available. All guest rooms are on the 1st floor.

All our rooms are non smoking rooms. 


Reservation is confirmed only on 100% advance payment and through written communication confirming the same  from Chandera Kothi via Email and/or SMS.

Cancellation policy : 75% refund if cancellation is exactly 03 weeks from the date of the reservation, 50% if it is exactly 02 weeks from the date of the reservation and NIL Refund if the cancellation is done less than 07 days from the date of reservation. 

At Chandera Kothi we put in a lot of effort towards an eco friendly operations. 


So, we request guests to :

Switch of the room heaters, lights etc when not in use or leaving the room

Switch off taps so as to conserve water

Not to use single use plastics

Not to put any trash into the WC as it will only clog the drainage

As a policy, we change linen once a week. Preferred Change of linen to be intimated at the time of reservation .


We are not a pet friendly property at the moment.

The guest must behave and conduct themselves properly and not create any  nuisance.Guests should not do anything to disturb other guests


Guests cannot run a kitchen independently on the property at any time.


Purposefully or carelessly if the guest or any other person with the guest causes any damage at the property/homestay, they will have to pay for it. However, this does not include regular wear and tear of an item

Guest will help maintain cleanliness of the premises, make required timely payments as due and adhere to the rules of the Homestay

Guest will not be allowed to bring  any other person to share or stay with them at night unless sanctioned by the management  of the Homestay.

Orchha is a small village in a sense and hence if you have any specific requirements, please check with us so we can advise if it's possible to cater to or not.


Also, if you or another family member consumes any specific lifestyle or dietary brands, we would advise you to bring it with you. 

At a homestay, guests are expected to share meals and our family routine in general to get a first hand experience of our daily lives.

The choice of rooms is always subject to availabilty and government regulations do not permit us to provide room service as hotels do.


A homestay experience is more personal and "Real".

These are some of the inherent differences between a "Homestay" and a "Hotel" and we are sharing it primarily to set your expectations in accordance. 


We look forward to your visit.


Warm regards,

Sanghita Singh & Madhur Singh Bundela

All Images on this website are copyright of Chandera Kothi and Madhur Singh Bundela.



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